Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home Again

In July of 2011 we adopted a new kitten from a local cat rescue group. We named her Xena and she brought a lot of life and love in to our home. This past September we lost her to massive kidney failure. The autopsy revealed that she only had once kidney and it was very small and abnormal. We were heartbroken.

In the first week of November we decided to go ahead and adopt another cat. Ziggy (our 11 year old boy cat) needed another playmate. So we headed to a pet adoption event being held by the same cat rescue group. We immediately fell in love with this little girl....say hello to Tilly. 

She made her way to the rescue group though one of their feral traps. Shortly after her arrival at the shelter, she gave birth to three little ones. When they were weaned, they were quickly adopted out, and Mom was left behind. Apparently, she was waiting for us.

When we brought her home, she walked in like she owned the place. She took about 15 minutes to walk around and figure out where all of the important things were....litter box, food, water, and Ziggy. Ziggy was naturally annoyed, he hissed as she walked by. She put her tail up and just strolled on by, she was home!

It's been a little over a week now, and she has settled in more and more. Ziggy is relaxing, and he's letting her know that he's the boss, which is good. He's watching her play, and she wants to play with him so badly. I think he'll be up for a playful tussle within a week or so.

As I type this, Tilly is running though our apartment, from one end to the other, at top speed. She has also decided to start attacking my toes. So I guess that means it's playtime!

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