Tuesday, October 4, 2011

12 years ago I made a huge move in my life. I got on a plane and flew to California to meet the man I had spent the previous 4 weeks chatting with online and talking to on the phone. September 27th, 1999 is when I landed here. My flight was uneventful and rather empty so I stretched out on the three seats in my row and napped through the flight. I landed at the San Francisco airport, and as I walked up the concourse towards the security gates, I saw him standing there waiting for me and suddenly something flashed in to my mind, "I'm going to marry this man."

I stopped for a second, trying to figure out why something that ridiculous would pop in to my head. I never thought I would get married. Not once as a child did I imagine my dream wedding or play dress up bride. I had planned on being an old lady driving a wildly painted school bus with my cats and my art as my companion. Never had I imagined myself married.

I was scheduled to be here for a little over a week. We spent that week talking about our deepest life stories and sharing our histories with one another. There was a lot of laughing. There were many tears. The love had already grown strong between us. The time came when I needed to start packing to return home. We were so sad at the thought of being so far apart. Him in California, me back in Ohio. As we talked, we both blurted out that we should just get married. I don't remember the exact words, but the same ones fell out of my mouth as they fell out of his.

So. I stayed. For the next week we plotted and schemed how we would get married. We thought about going to Vegas and getting married in one of those silly wedding chapels by an Elvis impersonator, but that was a long drive. Instead, after Andy was finished with work on Friday, Octiber 8th, we packed a bag, hopped in the car and headed to South Lake Tahoe. The following day we were wed by the Justice of the Peace in his chambers at the courthouse.

From the time we "met" online to the time we met in person it was 4 weeks. From the time we met in person to the time we got married was 13 days. From then to now has been 12 of the best years of my life.

This was one of my first digiscrap pages, and I didn't keep a note of what I used to create it. I do know that some of the papers and elements are from Laitha and others are from Christina Renee

So, there you have it. A little about me to start off my new digital art blog! I hope everyone is enjoying their Autumn!

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  1. AAHHH Joy this is so beautifully written. The whole page is beautiful. May you guys have the rest of your lives to grow and change with the times. You guys are the best. With much love and respect to you both. "Happy 12th Anniversary" Mom and Mom-in-Law